Assistant Resource Controller

Specific Tasks

  • It covers support to the planning, monitoring and operations of the BU’s financial resources (i.e. budgets, costs and disbursement) and to ensuring the overall coherence with the BU’s activities. It includes in particular support to:
  • Elaboration of recharge rates for the Cost Centres of the BU, controlling of their overall financial balance, contribution to the recharging process;
  • Monitoring and controlling of the financial resources versus plans, identifying deviations w.r.t. plans/targets and producing related reports to the responsible management, etc;
  • Maintaining related master data for the BU such as WBS, Analysis/Cost Centres;
  • Contributing to the overall efficiency of related processes and tools, and to coherence and quality of related data;

In Addition the following Tasks are specifically required.

  • Implementing all administrative actions related to procurement and contractual matters, including data entry in ESA Corporate (sap) and local application as appropriate and monitoring of financial commitments and payment milestones, invoicing, etc.;
  • Supporting the Business Unit Control (BUC) Office during the financial interim and year-end closure and for any other processes as required;
  • Supporting the BUC Office in the implementation of the overall workforce resource planning including the writing of the Service Level Agreements with the internal clients and obtaining their signatures
  • Collecting, consolidating and implementing (internal EXCEL database and dedicated SAP module Timesheet Accounting System (TAS)) the required adjustments of the Service Level Agreements, necessary for the manpower rate calculation of the Business Unit concerned;
  • Supporting the administrative implementation and monitoring of the manpower capacity in TAS for the domains under her/his direct responsibility;
  • To act as Local Configurator of Timesheet system;
  • Acting as Cost Centre Controller for some designated BU of a Department;
  • Supporting the implementation and monitoring of the designated BU EsaNow IT Policy;
  • Liaising with the ESTEC Frame contract / procurement team for the issuing of Requests for Tender and subsequent implementation in THREAD for contractor workforce management;
  • Other ad-hoc tasks as requested by management;


  • Detailed knowledge of the ESA’s Working and Procurement procedures is highly desirable;
  • Ability to liaise directly and independently with the Contracts and Purchase Office to follow up all relevant activities related to Shopping Carts, RFX, TEB nominations etc;
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft office tools is a necessity as well as financial and related systems (SAP);
  • The ability to work effectively under pressure both within a team and autonomously;
  • University degree (Bachelor) from a recognised Institution of secondary studies or equivalent qualification in Business Administration (with an understanding of finance processes), with relevant experience;
  • In depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel is a requirement.