Configuration Management Officer

Specific Tasks

The Documentation & Configuration Management Officer will work across the TIA-P projects, and also be delegated to work on specific Projects (i.e.: PACIS 3, EDRS Global, QKDSAT, NEOSAT). As such, he/she will liaise on a daily basis with the various members of TIA-P Projects, project managers, industrial partners other TIA colleagues.

Tasks Will Include

  • Acting as the focal Configuration and Documentation management expert within TIA-P to support the definition and maintenance of the project Configuration Management Processes and tools, to ensure exchange of experience and to promote standardisation;
  • Contribute towards the project CADM plans and monitor CM performance (together with the Product Assurance Managers);
  • Liaise with our Project Teams/Industrial Partners to set up Projects Configuration, Documentation and Management systems taking into account ESA requirements and Partners usual practices to support the establishment of configuration control methods, procedures and standards;
  • Support on Configuration Control Boards (CCBs) by maintaining a well-structured record system for the disposition of RFWs, RFDs and configuration change requests / proposals Act as secretary to the CCB
  • Support TIA DDRO in fulfilling his/her duties for TIA-P Department
  • Keep Eclipse updated with new RfW/RfDs, for project specific information and latest RfW/RfD status;
  • Notify CCB members and the appropriate experts/specialists to evaluate RfW/RfDs;
  • Communicate outcomes of CCB meetings to the parties involved;
  • Support on Preparation of formal Configuration Management requirements, with the aim to be included in industrial contracts;
  • Support the implementation and maintenance of adequate configuration control methods and procedures, consistent with applicable standards/requirements;
  • Provide a qualitative and normative support to TIA-P Projects;
  • Conduct configuration audits and configuration inspections,
  • Support project audits, and work in collaboration with TIA QMS Audit Administrator;
  • Support users in retrieving documents from local DMS, DMS’s from external partners and/or industry;
  • Set-up and monitor operations and maintenance of the TIA-P DMS for management, storage and control of ESA Unclassified - with Limited Distribution (e.g.: ITAR/EAR Docs) and Classified Information;
  • Training TIA staff and Contractors on Eclipse and other DMS Tools;
  • Set up, coordinate and participate in Project Reviews to ensure the availability of the Data package and manage the RID/eRID System.
  • Work in collaboration with TIA Information Security Officer (ISO) and TIA PSSO;
  • Support TIA ISO organizing the Information Protection awareness education and awareness training for TIA-P staff and Contractors;
  • Act as the Alternate COMSEC Item Custodian (ACIC);
  • Support TIA ISO coordinate inputs related to TIA programme/project Security Classification Guides;
  • Knowledge of Agency's internal IT tools is an advantage;


  • Master’s degree or equivalent qualification;
  • Minimum 10 years of previous work experience as project coordination in Public Private Partnerships projects (experience in Telecommunication business is an asset); and at least 2 years working in Configuration Management support and Documentation Control roles;
  • Experience in supporting on Cyber-security and QMS audits;
  • Experience in handling Sensitive Information;
  • Hold a Personnel Security Clearance;
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate is required;
  • IPX CM 01/02 Certificate is an advantage;
  • Knowledge of ESA Configuration and Documentation Management standards (ECSS) is considered an advantage;
  • Proficient in MS Office packages with experience of high level Project Administration;
  • Knowledge of ESA administrative and documentation management tools is an advantage;
  • Excellent planning and organisation skills and attention to detail;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team within the boundaries of assigned tasks and a stringent schedule;
  • Initiative and motivation to perform to high standards in a demanding environment;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the outside world (e.g. Industry);
  • Fluent in the English language (spoken and written). Knowledge of other European languages is an asset.