Launchers PA&S/QMS Engineering Support Service

Lise Mouton
Lise Mouton
International Recruiter
Vitrociset Belgium

Specific Tasks

  • LAU QMS support activities:
  • Report directly to the Head of the Launchers Quality Management Office (LAU-SQ) in the Policy, Plans and Quality Management Department (LAU/S) of the Directorate of Launcher.
  • The responsibilities and duties include:
  • The improvement and maintenance of the Directorate Quality Management

System, In Particular

  • implementing & maintaining the LAU QMS; in close coordination with LAU Line Management, Project/Programmes Managers and Product Assurance Managers (PAMs), proposing, assessing and reviewing the LAU management and product realisation processes and deploying the QMS elements in consistency with Launchers Terminology and Management Specifications (applicable to contracts managed by the directorate and those referred in the ESA/Arianespace Exploitation Agreement) and in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard;
  • facilitating and coordinating the implementation of agreed process changes and new process elements;
  • supporting actively the establishment and maintenance of the required documented procedures;
  • training the LAU workforce (including national agencies staffs integrated in LAU teams) on the use & benefits of LAU QMS;
  • supporting the establishment of process performance measures & related targets;
  • planning & implementing the Internal Quality Audit activity;
  • Consolidating, collating & comprehensively analysing & reporting QMS performance data, including non-conformances, audit results, improvement progress;
  • acting as the secretary of the LAU QMS Improvement Forum.
  • the maintenance of the certification of the LAU QMS to the standard ISO 9001
  • organising the certification audit(s) & renewals;
  • supporting the establishment of corrective action plans.
  • support to the Head of the Launchers Quality Management Office, (in coordination with the LAU Product Assurance Managers) as Directorate's interface with the Product Assurance & Safety Department and with DG/A for ensuring that the Directorate's internal quality Management requirements remain compatible with the Agency internal quality management requirements;
  • acting as gatekeeper of the Directorate's IT tools related to the LAU QMS, according to the Directorate's access policy.
  • Weekly and Monthly written reporting PA officer for new Launchers Development (Ariane 6)
  • Support for designated project(s) in conducting, monitoring & assessing the implementation of the PA & Safety Programme for A6 Launcher System and P120C.

Main tasks

  • The main tasks will be the following:
  • Acting as book captain of the Ariane 6 Launcher System risk analysis (animates the process for risk analysis interacting with project engineers, organising ad hoc meetings, issuing relevant documentation, expressing needs for specific tool development for risk management, etc ….)
  • Monitoring the contractors’ PA/S programme in order to assess their performance/effectiveness and proposing the necessary preventive or corrective actions,
  • Analysing of Industrial/contractor(s) Management, Risk & opportunity, Product, Quality and RAMS Assurance, configuration plans in order to recommend an agreement to Project/programme(s) Manager(s),
  • Verifying the correct application of industrial Quality Assurance plans,
  • Supporting for project reviews preparation and Participating to reviews, as requested,
  • Participating to PA and project progress meetings, organizing industrial quality meeting(s) as requested,
  • Proposing industrial audits, defining objectives,
  • Attending to selected mandatory inspection points MIP (as MRR) and acceptance reviews.
  • attendance of TRRs, level 0/ PTR as a review member/chairman as requested/when relevant, as well as test campaign/execution surveillance. Representing ESA in the Boards established within the projects for the disposition of Non-conformances / Failure Reviews, MRB, as review member/chairman as requested and when relevant;
  • Providing QA support and surveillance in validation tests campaigns when/where relevant,
  • Tracking/soliciting closure of action items assigned during project relevant reviews and meetings,
  • Weekly and monthly written reporting.

Specific Competence Requirements

  • As per Job Class in engineering or technical sciences.
  • Significant experience in Product Assurance and Quality Assurance in the space domain.
  • Knowledge of Configuration Management or the implementation of Product Assurance within a quality system certified to ISO 9001 would be an asset.
  • Good knowledge of the French language and the English language.
  • Good experience in the launcher domain.