Antarctic Recovery of Ozone - New project

30 April 2020

The Retrieval of Total Ozone Using Ocean and Land Colour Instrument, On-board Sentinel-3A/B over Antarctica. Another challenge ahead of the Vitrociset Belgium Team!


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We have been awarded in April a project aimed at developing a total ozone product using an innovative sensor for ocean and terrestrial images (OLCI) with 21 spectral bands flying on-board Sentinel-3 satellite. VTCB is the Prime and unique entity involved in the development.

The products will be derived using the full resolution Sentinel-3 OLCI Level 1 product. Correction of the cloud mask, snow mask and atmospheric effect is part of the activity as well.

The main goal is to develop the ozone processor for OLCI on board the S-3. This will allow to provide the ozone research community with a total ozone product from OLCI / S-3 (A, B, C, D) on Antarctica and on other snow-covered areas too. The improvement given by of OLCI / S-3 over other ozone monitoring instruments is its high spatial resolution combined with 21 spectral bands sensitive to the optical properties of snow and atmosphere. The accuracy of the recoveries will be assessed using terrestrial and placed satellite measurements (eg OMI) of total ozone.

The innovative element of this development is that the corresponding ozone product has not been derived yet for OLCI / Sentinel-3. Currently, ozone products exist on a much coarser space grid (e.g. 13kmx24km OMI on board the NASA Aura satellite). Providing data on a 300 m grid has a clear advantage for the user community: for example, it allows the monitoring of rapid changes in total ozone at the edges of the ozone hole and to understand the variation of ozone within the pixels. The recovery of the optical thickness of the aerosol on the snow and the development of the synergistic mask of the clouds on the snow are other innovative elements of the planned research.

For the recovery of total ozone, the product S-3 Level 1 are being used. In addition to the recovery of ozone, an innovative mask of clouds on the snow is under development, the OLCI - SLSTR cloud synergic mask. The application of the synergic cloud mask will reduce the ozone product to the spatial resolution of 1 km (the spatial resolution of the SLSTR thermal images).

We all wish the project team good luck for the development!
Looking forward for the results.