The Italian Ambassador has visited us !

Telespazio Belgium - Transinne
24 September 2021

In order to present our facilities and our ambitions to the Italian Ambassador, H.E Francesco Genuardi, our CEO Federico Rossi and the Head of Department has welcomed him in our offices at Transinne.

Explication inside GILSC

With our growing ambitions inside Telespazio SpA and to promote a strong link between Belgium and Italy in space-related projects, it was important for us to present ourselves to the Italian Ambassador. He came to meet our CEO Federico Rossi and the Head of Department of Telespazio Belgium. They have had important talks about how we put our services into technological excellence and how it create great opportunities for Belgium to have its place in the world on that matters. Also, The Ambassador has had the chance to visit the high-security store room of the Galileo Integrated Logistics Services Center (GILSC) in order to see our implication in Satellite Navigation and Integrated Logistic Services in Remote sites. He was more than positively impressed by the passion that reins in a company that hires young people full of dreams.

It was a true honor for everyone to receive him.