Vitrociset Belgium becomes Telespazio Belgium

01 July 2021

Only a few months after joining Telespazio, Vitrociset’s work in the space industry in Belgium has been fully integrated into the group.

With the name change and the start of full-swing operation of the new company, Telespazio Belgium – which has 150 employees distributed between its headquarters in Transinne and its customers’ offices - will be fully qualified to offer the entire portfolio of Telespazio space solutions and services on the strategic Benelux market, which includes not only Belgium but the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

“We have left our old name behind us, but we bring to the new company all the great milestones of our history, our experience and our values, to be combined with Telespazio’s equally exceptional history of innovation, great results and a global outlook. We look forward to contributing to the construction of a stronger group that will help the space industry respond to the demands of citizens, institutions and customers,” says Telespazio Belgium CEO Federico Rossi.

With the birth of Telespazio Belgium, the Telespazio Group now operates in 9 countries with 12 subsidiaries and affiliates.

The establishment of Telespazio Belgium comes in the year in which the group celebrates the 60th anniversary of its foundation on October 18, 1961.