Vitrociset Belgium integrated into Telespazio

01 March 2021

As from March 1st, the space activities of Vitrociset, including Vitrociset Belgium, will be integrated into Telespazio.

For Vitrociset Belgium, the integration with Telespazio’s business will allow to become part of a global group committed to the development of a space sector increasingly oriented to the needs of customers, institutions and citizens.

For Telespazio, the acquisition will allow to grow yet further in strategic sectors such as space operations, in particular in the Galileo programme, in the launchers’ ground segment, in radar and optical tracking systems and in weather systems supporting space launches, in particular for the VEGA programme, as well as in engineering and operational services supporting the activities of the European Space Agency.

Telespazio and Vitrociset had already been collaborating for years in several space programs of great significance for both Italy and Europe as a whole. This collaboration now finds an even more solid configuration and reinforces the common goal of continuing to work on the path of innovation and sustainability already undertaken.