Welcome Telespazio Belgium – Luigi Pasquali’s visit to Telespazio Belgium

08 October 2021

After the event at the Ambassy on the 6th of October, Luigi Pasquali and some member of Telespazio Rome came to visit the Telespazio Belgium’s facilities on the 7th of October.

Federico Talking

Giuseppe Lenzo

While the event at the Ambassy was very formal, it was important to create a more internal moment where important topics could be discussed. That was the idea behind this visit. After a breakfast with everyone, Luigi Pasquali, Federico Rossi, Jean-Marc Gardin and Giuseppe Lenzo addressed their visions and welcome everyone to the large company that is Telespazio. 

Rossi and Pasquali happily chatting

Before holding a management meeting with the different Head Of Department and Managers, the visitors had a look at the GILSC (Galileo Integrated Logistic Support Center) facilities and could mesure the immensity and the importance of the work that is doing here at Transinne.

The visit end on a great lunch served at the Euro Space Center canteen: “Voyager Café” in a very spatial atmosphere. 

The whole team in TPZ BE