Telespazio Belgium is responsible for the maintenance and operation of four ground stations around Europe

Telespazio Belgium is responsible for the operation of 4 beacon stations around Europe. These stations are critical for the correct behavior of the satellite.

When a problem appears, Telespazio Belgium is the first point of contact for the customer. We are responsible of studying and solving the issue or escalate it to higher level if more detailed investigation needs to be performed. Typical operations are:

  • Weekly reporting on the station’s parameters and status.
  • Investigation and intervention with replacement a faulty electronic equipment which is causing the loss of the transmitted signal, in matter of hours.
  • On site yearly, preventive maintenance activities
  • ILS activities via an in in-house developed web application.
  • Deployment of a mobile antenna able to restore the service during critical periods when the signal is lost.
Added value services
Key points
Maintenance and operation of a critical infrastructure
Covering the complete Ground Segment activities: installation, logistics, engineering troubleshooting.
Excellent KPI
Ideal location in the center of Europe to quickly access the sites