Galileo 2nd Generation System Engineering Support (H2020-20)

Since 2014 Telespazio has a key role in the design of the evolution of the European Navigation System Galileo in its Second Generation as system engineering expert

The involvement of Telespazio Belgium dates back in 2014.

The company has held a key role in the frame of the contract EGEP ID97 being in charge of the largest service of the framework, namely WO05, counting 4 people ad supporting the whole ESA System Engineering team.

From 2018, as Subcontractor of Airbus Gmbh in H2020-20 WO1.01 the company provides expert System Engineering support to the whole team with a special focus on the following areas:

  • System and space segment requirements engineering
  • Architecture Engineering (MBSE)
  • Data Dissemination
  • Operations

In the context of G2G, Telespazio is assisting ESA in the Phase A/B0/B1 with a major role in the analyses and definition of the system. Among all the activities performed, outstanding contributions to ESA System Engineering activities are:

  • System requirements engineering at system and segments level, especially space segment, managing the DOORS database and taking care of justification and traceability from mission to segments;
  • Contribution to the functional model of the system to ensure the consistency of space segment requirements;
  • Definition of the system dissemination concept for all architecture, in particular for the satellites interfaces;
  • Definition of the ISL concept and Space-to-Space ICD;
  • Definition of the preliminary System management, monitoring and control concept;
  • Analyses and definition of the preliminary G2G Authentication concept for OS-NMA and ARP;
  • Expert advisor to ESA participating to reviews, supporting technical discussion towards Customers and Industrial entities.

During this service, Telespazio Belgium developed analyses tools on-purpose in Matlab/STK for communication analyses and support to mission analyses. A non-exhaustive list of tools designed on purpose by Telespazio Belgium is provided in the following:

  • ISL network connectivity latency performance evaluation tool;
  • Constellation visibility and contact analyses tools;
  • Mission Uplink Antennas scheduling algorithm prototype;
  • TT&C antennas scheduling analyses tool for supporting extended constellation constituted by satellites in nominal operations, LEOP and transfer;
  • Authentication tools for theoretical assessment, in particular:
    • Assessment of OS NMA user availability in AWGN and LMS channel;
    • Signal detection performance through Receiver Operating Curve;
    • Tracking performance assessment for different signal modulation;
    • Anti Replay Protection simulator, performing signal generation and multiplexing, generation of spoofing scenario, flexible GNSS receiver enabling separate or simultaneous acquisition and tracking of open and ARP components of E1D;
  • SAR MEOLUT analyses tools, including:
    • Beacon Generation, Detection e Localisation;
    • Tracking Plan algorithm;
    • Orbit Determination (Rinex e SP3).
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Expert system engineering support
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Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
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