The MMFU SCOE is a complex mix of hardware and software components aimed to perform both the electrical and software integration, and the functional testing of a satellite Mass Memory and Formatting Unit (MMFU).

House-Keeping and science telemetry data from the satellite are recorded in the MMFU to be transmitted to ground via X Band, and Ka Band subsystems.

The X Band subsystem provides a Direct Data Broadcast (DDB) permanent service through a single radio frequency (RF) link, whereas the Ka Band subsystem provides a Stored Mission Data (SMD) intermittent service through two RF links.

During the Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) phase, a payload Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) receives the RF data, demodulate it, and forward it to the MMFU SCOE for recording and post-processing.

In charge of data distribution to the instrument EGSE, the MMFU SCOE can be operated remotely by a Central Checkout System (CCS), or locally via the MMI for configuration, maintenance and test debugging. 

Added value services
Key points
First SCOE dedicated to a Mass Memory Unit testing
High-performance FPGA-based implementation
Parallelized data acquisition and processing
Local MMI with intuitive and friendly graphical user interface