Profumo proposes innovative weather-based services for the navigation with the aim of granting fuel saving, pollution reduction and improving safety for passengers, crew, cargo and ships’ structures.

Profumo introduces a new collaborative model where end-users cooperate with to the Profumo services by providing their own geo-referenced marine weather measures gathered from common on-board sensors.

Profumo designers know that the weather models can produce good nowcasts and forecasts only if fed with a large amount of accurate measured data. However, on seas meteorological stations are extremely sparse. To fill the gap, Profumo uses vessels as moving meteorological stations, which continuously provide this precious information.

The meteorological data so acquired from vessels being not-certified, nor usable as-is in the models, specific data processing techniques are used in Profumo to merge and extract proper information as input for the high resolution weather models, and routing.


  • Focuses on environmental impact of vessels, and navigation safety
  • Introduces collaborative transparent gathering, and filtering of end-users marine weather data
  • Supported by major maritime actors in the Mediterranean Sea
Added value services
Key points
Reduces fuel consumption and environmental pollution
Improves navigation safety
Gathers, merges, and extracts proper information from end-users weather data
Provides innovative ship modeling, and routing algorithms