Satellite assets integration for marine protected areas

Sympa: “All-around solution for the sustainable monitoring and control of Marine protected Areas”.

Telespazio Belgium, le Centre Spatial de Liège, and LaMMA joined in Consortium, developed a system for the supervision of the touristic and commercial traffic for the benefit of the Marine Protected Area and maritime authorities, by mean of providing added value location-based services to tourists and integrating this information with AIS data.

Sympa service offering is completed by the “Vessel Detection” facility that exploits the Sentinel images for target detection; and the “Water quality” monitoring which integrates earth observation into innovative biogeochemical and hydrodynamic models as support the for a sustainable and competitive tourism.

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) deserve an extremely accurate care of their ecosystem and for this purpose they often impose navigation restrictions (speed limits, entrance), but controls are costly and extremely difficult to exercise.

Sympa provides tourists with advanced location-based services that transform a park visit in a pleasure experience, with the potential advantage of boosting the local and often rural economy, and enabling at the same time the monitoring and control of vessels inside the Protected Area to the benefit of marine resources conservation.

The preservation of sea biological resources is completed in Sympa by the provision of a daily service of “water quality” parameters. This is possible thanks to the innovative usage of Remote Sensing data integrated in a biogeochemical and hydrodynamic model capable of forecasting the capability of regeneration of the sea and to provide essential water quality indicators.

Sympa monitoring capabilities are completed using Satellite images to detect illegal ships.

The “Vessel detection” algorithm can identify objects on the sea surface. This service has the double vantage to deter illegal entrance, and to prove the actual monitoring capability of the system.

Added value services
Key points
The modularity of Sympa architecture provides a web-based model with multi-tenancy bases platform, and application sharing architecture to get great benefit from the economy of scale.
The services are suitable to: different users’ needs: control, leisure, commerce, guidance, & different application scenarios: Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), harbours or marinas.
The service provision is based on low-intrusive tracking and tracing of private and commercial vessels within marine protected areas within coastal areas.