Why to choose us ?

Tradition and innovation, talent and passion, have been the principles guiding Vitrociset for over 40 years in the development of solutions, and providing services to public organisations and private companies engaged in mission, where operational continuity and the ability to make decisions promptly require technologically advanced systems that are available, reliable, maintainable, and secure.

  • Vision Be part of a company that wants to have a key role in space through in-depth knowledge and systems
  • Innovation The experience gained in space in the integration of highly complex critical systems, allowed Vitrociset to contribute to the implementation of innovatove major projects in different field such as Big Physics, defence and transport.
  • Technology Vitrociset’s portfolio of products and solutions arise from a set of distinctive skills, which are enabling and cut across the company’s business areas and from methodologies, processes and technologies in innovative sectors.
  • Reliability Vitrociset is recognized by the customer as one of the most reliable company in the market: we always fulfil our obligation.
  • Opportunities 7 Countries of Workplace (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, united kingdom)
  • Continuity Several employees choose to stay with us for years: it’s our pride!
  • International The possibility of learning and working in an inter-national context is an important prerequisite for a successful working life in a globalised economy. In Vitrociset work people coming from all over the world (more than 20 nationalities)
  • Support Personnel is Vitrociset’s greatest asset therefore we keep motivating our employees by providing them required training and presenting development opportunities but first of all by listening to them.
  • Ethics Human rights, tolerance, gender equality, solidarity, all these form the moral code of Vitrociset
  • Team We strongly believe in Team Spirit: events, team building, sport initiatives, meetings are opportunity to reinforce the Vitrociset big family!